Payment methods

Kuldrop online gallery has the following payment methods:

– Credit/Debit card by Stripe
– Paypal

Why could my debit/credit card be declined?

Your debit/credit card could be declined for one of the following reasons:

Your card can be expired. Please check that your card does not exceed the expiry date.
Your card could have reached the set limit. Please check with your bank that the card has not exceeded the limit to proceed with the purchase.

One of the details could have been introduced incorrectly. Please check that you have fill in the details correctly in all the requested fields.
You might not have activated the option of purchasing on the Internet.

Can I get an invoice on the name of my company?

If you need a bill on the name of your company, please send us an email to with your VAT registration number, company name, address and telephone. It is convenient to request the invoice when you place your order.

Can I request tax-free?

Sorry, it is not possible given that Tax Free is only applicable to products bought in a physical shop and therefore are transported/shipped by the same buyer.